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Propane is one of the most valuable and failsafe solutions if you want to save on electricity and reduce your carbon footprint. At the East Coast Propane Gas Company, we offer propane delivery, tank refilling and sales, as well as propane conversion and repairs for residential, commercial, and agriculture clients.

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As experts in propane for appliances, East Coast Propane’s knowledgeable technicians can assist you in choosing the suitable propane service contract to keep your home running smoothly and efficiently. Contact East Coast Propane Gas Company to learn more or browse some of our blog articles like the one below. Many environmentally conscious people who visit our blog can’t believe that when propane vaporizes and dissipates with no ozone-harming effects. That means it cannot contaminate groundwater, drinking water, marine ecosystems, or sensitive habitat if released. Due to its lower carbon content, propane is considered a relatively clean-burning fuel. While, its combustion produces some wastes, particulate matter, sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides, nitrous oxide, carbon monoxide, greenhouse gas, methane, and non-methane overall organic carbon.

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Propane Gas Refilling Near Me- How to Know it’s Time to Refill

Propane Tank Sizes For Your Home or Business

If you’re using propane gas as a source of power, it is bound to finish at some point, leaving you to search online for “gas refilling near me.” However, before we get into that, let us walk you through the signs you need to take note of before refilling your propane.

Signs you should refill your propane gas tank

1.   The propane tank becomes light

This is an undeniable sign that your propane tank is ready to be refilled. When you pick it up and feel that it is unusually lighter than before, you should start planning a trip to the refill station or call your propane supplier to come to deliver it to you.

2.   The sound from the propane tank becomes resonant

We know that not every propane tank can be easily picked to feel the weight. Some are very large and heavy, so you may need another way to tell. A crude but practical way is to tap the propane tank lightly with a small metal object. If it gets empty, the sound should sound resonant, but if it is full, the sound will be dull.

Be careful not to hit it hard!

3.   The gauge reads low

Not every tank is above the ground, so it may be hard to look for physical signs the gas is becoming low. If you have a gauge fitted with the tank, all you have to do is read it. If it shows anywhere from 20% and below, you should plan to refill it soon.

4.   Winter is coming

If your home is heavily dependent on propane gas for heating and you start noticing that wintertime is getting close, then you have to stock up on propane. This is to make sure you have enough for the coming cold weather. It would be very terrible for you if your propane gas should finish midwinter.

5.   Your propane-powered appliances stop working

Propane can power several appliances in your home, from grills to patio heaters. If your grill stops coming on, the first thing you check is your propane tank. You can then check the gauge, sound, or weight to know if it is getting low.

6.   It’s been a while

If you noticed that it had been months since you refiled your propane gas, you do not have to wait till it finishes. You can check to see if it’s low enough and then preemptively fill it up.

What is the cost of refilling propane gas?

The cost of refilling your gas would depend on how large your tank is, if you want to exchange the gas tank, and the delivery fees.

Generally, a gallon of propane costs between $3 to $6 depending on the location, season, and other factors. To find how much you will be refilling, multiply it by the gallon size. For instance, a 200-gallon propane tank would cost between $600 to $1200.

Note that this estimate doesn’t include the delivery fee, which is at the discretion of the propane gas refilling station near you.

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