Exploring Propane as a Fleet Fuel Source

Affordable Commercial Propane Gas for Restaurants

Research indicates that propane (also known as liquefied petroleum gas, or LPG) is as effective as regular fuel, but it is easier to produce and costs less per gallon. Plus, propane is a clean-burning fossil fuel. “Tests show that propane-fueled vehicles produce 30-90% less carbon monoxide and about 50% fewer toxins than traditional gas engines,” according to the Propane Education & Research Council.

Because of the potential to lower fuel costs by up to 40%, more and more fleet managers across the country are switching to propane autogas and reaping the rewards.  East Coast Propane will help fleet managers save money and run more efficiently while meeting tougher environmental regulations.

Delivery Fleet Truck Propane Refill and Delivery

Delivery Fleet Truck Propane Refill and Delivery Service

Autogas provides delivery trucks with the power they’ve come to expect from traditional fuels, but with significant economic and environmental benefits. Running trucks on propane is environmentally friendly, burns clean, and the supply is readily available throughout service stations.

Food Truck Power Generators and Propane Tanks

Food Trucks Propane Gas Delivery & Refill

Because propane tanks are easy to use and cost-friendly, they are the commonly used source of fuel for concession trailers and food trucks, and food kiosks from downtown to special events like the county fair and others. East Coast Propane’s reliable delivery and refill service for food trucks mean peace of mind.

Automotive Propane For Fleets Vehicles

Propane for Limos & Airport Transportation Services

Propane-powered Towncars perform exactly the same as gas but are burning a much cleaner fuel. Customers interested in sustainability and maintaining a green culture are more and more asking for autogas limos and executive cars.

Best Automotive Propane For Fleets Vehicles

Propane Service for Taxi Cab Fleet

More and more taxi companies are going with propane. Engines powered by propane emit 10 to 15 percent less carbon dioxide, and 20 percent less carbon monoxide than traditional gasoline engines. Taxi drivers also save about $1 a gallon over gasoline.

Propane for School Bus Fleet

Propane Autogas Service for School Bus Fleets

Buses equipped with propane autogas fuel systems have excellent torque and horsepower. Whether they are in extreme cold or extreme heat, high or low altitude, or any inclement weather condition, a propane-powered bus will start and operate consistently and reliably.

Propane Autogas Patrol Cars: Analyzing Cost, Benefits

Propane Delivery Service For Police Fleet Vehicle

Police cars fueled by propane offer lower fuel costs with reduced greenhouse gas emissions, without sacrificing incredible speed, dependability, and overall performance. Propane police cars maintain torque and horsepower while providing exceptional savings on maintenance and fuel costs.

Propane Services For Landscaping Industry

Propane for Lawn Care and Landscaping Professionals

No matter the size of your mower fleetpropane can transform your business by affecting the bottom line. With propane mowers, the only thing greener than the grass you’re mowing is your mower fleet. Outdoor equipment manufacturers across the country are waking up to the benefits of running on propane. We can help you determine your best course forward and propane service needs.

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