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Searching for Propane Gas Service in Mechanicsville? East Coast Propane is a leading provider of Propane Gas Service throughout Philadelphia, Bucks, and Montgomery County. We help families and businesses save money on their heating and cooking needs. We also help those looking to lower their electrical bill by switching to propane autogas, Unlike most propane gas dealers in Montgomery County, East Coast Propane is a true full-service propane provider offering products and services like preventative maintenance and Propane Gas Service.

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When you call on East Coast Propane you can expect a team of expert technicians. When searching for Propane Gas Service in Mechanicsville, you have a lot of options, and you’re going to run into Google ads and we can only hope you can see through it all. As a the little guys bidding for your business we cannot afford to be lazy, unreliable, or disrespectful to our clients. For Propane Gas Service in Mechanicsville give East Coast Propane Gas Company a call today you are not going to be disappointed.

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Why You Need To Switch To Propane Heat This Winter

Who is The Best Local Propane Supplier, Refill, and Delivery Company in My Area?

Stay Cozy This Winter With East Coast Propane!

Do you like to save money and stay warm and toasty at the same time? We have news for you.

Winter is approaching, so it’s time to start weighing the options. Switching to propane heat is by far way more efficient and economical than electric heat.

British Thermal Units (BTU) measure the heating values of each fuel. By using this measurement, The US Department of Energy has determined that propane heat is half the cost of electric heat. If you aren’t sold on the switch yet, here are some more excellent reasons to convert today.

The Benefits of Propane Appliances

    • Gas Furnace
      A propane furnace generally has better performance and longer life than an electric pump. On average, a propane furnace will last around 20 years and an electric pump will only last around 12 years. The repair costs for a propane furnace is remarkably lower and distribute nice and warm 120-140℉ heat. The electric pump requires more maintenance and only reaches a max temperature of 95℉. This is less than regular body temperature!
    • Gas Water Heater
      In a month, gas water heaters cost $10 less than electric units. Over the gas water heater’s lifespan, homeowners will save $2,000 more, than with an electric model. Lastly, gas models heat twice as much water, in the same amount of time.

Looks like a lot of money is being saved by switching to propane, so far!

The Benefits of Using Propane

  • Propane Is Safe
    What is the point in saving money, if you aren’t safe? Safety is very important when it comes to lighting gas in your home. Propane is non-toxic and follows strict regulatory guidelines. Propane will not ignite if combined with air – unless the source of ignition is 940℉. As long as your tank is properly serviced by a professional propane technician, you have nothing to worry about.
  • Propane Is Environmentally Friendly
    Do you want to do your part in keeping our air and Earth clean? Propane has been listed as an approved alternative fuel by the Clean Air Act of 1990 and The National Energy Policy Act of 1992. Using propane in your home will lower the number of air contaminants, produce very low emissions, and burn clean. You might have seen electricity has zero emissions and is environmentally friendly, but don’t be deceived. Electricity is formed when coal is burned and coal is far from clean.
  • Propane Is Available And Reliable
    During a power outage, appliances being run on propane will still be available to you. When your appliances run on electricity, forget about staying warm or having hot water. Propane is dependable in even the worst weather conditions. Propane is also very versatile, in that, it can be stored right on your own property, in the country, or in the city. As you can see, propane heating beats electric heating on so many different levels. Give us a call at East Coast Propane. We will set you up to have the warmest winter season yet!

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Why do you want East Coast Propane Gas Company for Propane Gas Service in MechanicsvilleWhat happens after the first fill price? – Propane companies can be very aggressive in summer, offering low first-fill rates. Ask if there are price protection programs available. Also, if you only get one propane delivery per year or less, be honest with the company and say, “I might only use 50-100 gallons a year. Will my price go up drastically if the market doesn’t move? The company should be able to provide an expected price range East Coast Propane is more often then not, your best choice for propane installations, and LP gas service. For more information contact the most popular choice propane gas providers in Bucks County:

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