Using Propane For Heating And Cooling

Propane For Heating And Cooling

With the limited availability of natural gas and the rising cost of oil, there is a good reason that people are switching to propane because it is one of the most cost-efficient options in the marketplace today.  People in the Philadelphia area are realizing the benefits of propane over the disadvantages of oil, natural gas, and electricity.

When comparing propane furnaces and fuel oil, oil has 30% higher emissions. Plus, propane heaters need almost no maintenance and because of this, have almost zero annual maintenance costs!  With the added benefit of having the option to store the tanks above or underground, homeowners and commercial buildings are discovering the benefits.

Homeowners can usually expect to get about 20 years from their propane furnace, whereas electric heat pumps only last an average of 12 years.  Additionally, when propane for gas fireplaces is compared to wood-burning fireplaces they emit 40 times fewer emissions and cost a staggering amount less to operate.  Pool heaters are even becoming a more popular option than traditional electric heating.

It’s easy to see that propane heating is making a big impact on homes and businesses alike.  Contact us now to learn about our propane furnaces and the rest of our propane services.

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Forklift Propane: Everything to Know

Understanding the various propane tank sizes home or businesses

Propane is one of the best alternative energy sources, with one of its significant functions being the generation of heat. It is a very efficient fuel that ensures appliances perform reliably while reducing their harmful emissions. However, did you know that it can be used domestically and commercially to power other appliances? One of such is the propane forklift.

A forklift is a special vehicle used to carry a load with its two-pronged front. It is usually found in warehouses where a lot of heavy boxes can be moved around. Forklifts like this can be powered with propane.

What type of propane does the forklift use?

If you didn’t know, the propane that forklifts use differs from the ones used in grills. The propane used on forklifts is HD-5 grade. It is optimized for forklifts and their four-cylinder engine.

Note that the propane from forklifts cannot be switched with that of grills because forklifts use liquid propane directly while grills and stoves use propane in gaseous form.

How much propane will a forklift use?

Most propane tanks that forklifts use are 33-pound ones. At maximum usage, your propane should last for about 8 hours when filled up. However, a larger forklift will consume more fuel. For instance, the V6 forklift will use the propane for about six hours, and any other forklift bigger than it will use it in less than six hours.

If the forklift that you’re using is bigger than a V6 engine, you should consider using a 43-pound propane tank.

How much will a forklift use in an hour?

In creating budgets and running a business, it is crucial to know how much propane your forklift will be used per hour to create estimates. Generally speaking, your forklift should consume about  0.7 gallons of propane in an hour.

How long will a forklift propane tank last before it expires?

Forklift propane tanks are some of the most impressive parts of the machine because they store the fuel that allows it to do work. It is like the lifeblood. However, as vital as they are, if they ever have issues, it could potentially become dangerous.

A leak could cause gas build-up in the forklift, incomplete combustion, or outright explosion. Thus, you need to understand how long the tanks will last and when to take them for inspection.

Like most other propane tanks, the forklift propane tank will expire in at most 12 years. After which it would need to be replaced. However, you can choose to requalify the tank every five years or whatever date is specified on the tank. The tanks usually have their requalification date on the body.

How much does it cost to fill up the forklift propane?

The amount that would be spent to fill up forklift propane tanks corresponds to the tank’s size and the propane’s cost around that time. As we have stated, forklifts use either 33 pounds( 4 gallons) or 43 pounds (5.2 gallons), and the price of propane per gallon is between $3 to $6. Using this, you can estimate the forklift propane consumption.

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